The Full Cupboard of Life

The Full Cupboard of Life Here is the fifth novel in the internationally bestselling No Ladies Detective Agency hit series Once again we are transported to Gaborone capital city of Botswana and into the world of Mma Ramots

  • Title: The Full Cupboard of Life
  • Author: Alexander McCall Smith
  • ISBN: 9780375422188
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here is the fifth novel in the internationally bestselling No 1 Ladies Detective Agency hit series Once again we are transported to Gaborone, capital city of Botswana, and into the world of Mma Ramotswe and her friends THE NO 1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY FOR ALL CONFIDENTIAL MATTERS AND ENQUIRIES SATISFACTION GUARANTEED FOR ALL PARTIES UNDER PERSONAL MANAGEMENT MmaHere is the fifth novel in the internationally bestselling No 1 Ladies Detective Agency hit series Once again we are transported to Gaborone, capital city of Botswana, and into the world of Mma Ramotswe and her friends THE NO 1 LADIES DETECTIVE AGENCY FOR ALL CONFIDENTIAL MATTERS AND ENQUIRIES SATISFACTION GUARANTEED FOR ALL PARTIES UNDER PERSONAL MANAGEMENT Mma Ramotswe and Mr J.L.B Matekoni are still engaged, but with no immediate plans to get married Mma Ramotswe wonders when a wedding date will be named, but she is anxious to avoid putting pressure on her fiance For indeed he has other things on his mind particularly a frightening request involving a parachute jump made by Mma Potokwani, the persuasive matron of the orphan farm Mma Ramotswe herself has weighty matters on her mind She has been approached by a wealthy lady to check up on several suitors Are these men interested in her or just her money This may be difficult to find out, but it s just the kind of case Mma Ramotswe likes and she is, as we know, a very intuitive lady Meanwhile, Mma Makutsi plucky assistant detective and deputy manager of the Tlokweng Road Speedy Motors garage is moving Her entrepreneurial venture, the Kalahari Typing School for Men, is thriving and with this new income she has rented two rooms in a house Her spare time is occupied with planning the move, the decor and her new life in a house with running water all to herself In the background of all this is Botswana, a country of empty spaces and echoing skies, a country so beautiful and entrancing that it breaks your heart Mma Ramotswe has prepared the bush tea and is waiting for us to join her.

    • The Full Cupboard of Life BY Alexander McCall Smith
      343 Alexander McCall Smith
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    • Alexander McCall Smith

      Alexander McCall Smith is the author of the international phenomenon The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, the Isabel Dalhousie Series, the Portuguese Irregular Verbs series, and the 44 Scotland Street series He is professor emeritus of medical law at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and has served on many national and international bodies concerned with bioethics He was born in what is now known as Zimbabwe and he was a law professor at the University of Botswana He lives in Scotland Visit him online at alexandermccallsmith, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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    • Onvan : The Full Cupboard of Life (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, #5) - Nevisande : Alexander McCall Smith - ISBN : 1400031818 - ISBN13 : 9781400031818 - Dar 198 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2003

    • Another charming book from the series of #1 ladies detective agency. Better than its previous one, Mma Ramotswe and her band of piers continue enjoying each other, get in and out of stressful commitments, cherish their land and it's cattle, contemplate the virtues of men, women and proper behavior, and of course, a cup of tea on a hot day.

    • I am only half-way through this book now, but I am really enjoying it. I think Mma Ramotswe and Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni are the sweetest couple. I'd say it's more a literary fiction novel than a mystery, but I don't mind. I love the voices of all the characters, but especially the one belonging to Mma Ramotswe. One of my favorite quotes from her is:"Traditional Botswana men like ladies who are more traditionally shaped. You and I, Mma. We remind men of how things used to be in Botswana before these [...]

    • I cannot get enough from this series. It prompted us to actually go to Botswana. It is as fabulous as Smith describes it.This book is simple in structure, which at first may make one think it is a children's or young adult book. In essence, it can be enjoyed by all age groups. It is culturally rich, bring the values and landscape so close to the reader's senses, you can see, feel, and admire the people of Botswana. Fall in love with Botswana.To thoroughly enjoy the book, start with The Number On [...]

    • With each book that goes by, the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series seems to feel more confident, more assured and somehow more relaxed. By this stage, the author has an almost perfect grasp of his background and characters, and there is so little to add about the situation that he has plenty of time for ruminations on various aspects of modern life. It's a story full of digression, but the digression is what makes this book so endearing.Once again this is an ode to the beauty of Botswana, pe [...]

    • Mma Rwatse continues to wonder why her fiancée is so reluctant to tie the knot, while taking on a case for a rich woman who wants Precious to check out several beaus to see who is after her money and who is honest. Matekoni is tricked by the head of the orphanage into agreeing to skydive as a way of raising money for the children. One can feel the series beginning to run out of steam. How many times can the author laud the benefits of a traditional culture before it sounds a bit like a broken r [...]

    • The secret to reading the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series is to realize that nothing much is going to happen and to accept that it doesn't matter. Nothing much happens in this particular book, The Full Cupboard of Life, that is until the plot picks up steam toward the end, but the characters are still captivating and the depiction of life in Botswana draws the reader in. Andrew McCall Smith gives sweet-natured characters flaws, a smart move on his part. Otherwise, Precious Ramotswe and Mr. [...]

    • There is so much to love about this series. The characters are not cardboard cutout, nice people. They will surprise you at times. If you are interested in learning more about a gentler culture (which IMO America could learn a lot from), and in spending time in a place where, for the most part, people take care of each other and appreciate nature, etc give this series a try. Keep in mind that the first book of the series (The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency) is almost more like a collection of sh [...]

    • One of the best parts ofAlexander McCall Smith’s series is that each book improves in terms of character definition and advancing the plot. Book 5 integrates Precious Ramotswe with the other characters in a more realistic and intriguing way. The author hints at the distinctions we must draw between manipulation and persuasion (in the character of Mma Potokwane), fear and caution (with Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni’s never-ending engagement to Mma Ramotswe), and speaking one’s mind and biting one’s [...]

    • 2016 Reading Challenge #37: Sobre una cultura con la que no estoy familiarizado.Me pareció lindo conocer, a través de una novela de ficción, la cultura de uno de los países de África. Sus costumbres, formas de tratar a las personas, saludos pero más allá de eso no encontré otro aspecto interesante. Mma Ramotswe es detective, sin embargo en este libro no encontré nada increíble con respecto a su profesión o llegué a entender por qué era tan aclamada, pero claro, este es el quinto lib [...]

    • The Full Cupboard of Life has rightfully earned a spot on my favourites shelf. Readers will want to devour this book in one sitting. This story brims with warmth and wit. Smith has a deep understanding about human nature and all its eccentricities, and writes with tenderness and humour - a formidable trait in a writer! 5 stars.

    • I love these books. I can't believe it took me so long to start reading them, even though my mom has read them all. Thanks for the recommendation, Mom!

    • Sad to say that this book fell a bit flat on all fronts and it appears that the author at this point in the series is floundering. I know there are a lot more books to go, but things just seem to have stagnated in the series. It takes almost 1/3 of the book before we even get into a detective case and that is well and good in a 350-400 page book, but when they are a mere 200 pages it shows that the cases are really on the back burner of the book. We continue to learn about Botswana, but the time [...]

    • This series generally serves me well as brain candy interspersed among my more serious reads. Though they are generally rather similar, they are always entertaining.However, for some reason the author has decided in this book he needs to summarize all the preceeding storyline in greater detail. I found I had to skim many pages to get past it, and get on with THIS book. I found this summary rather odd and out of place, given that the other books seem to provide the "catch up" in only a few senten [...]

    • There is nothing new here, but then I didn't expect it. That's OK. When I choose a No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency book, I'm prepared for a little bit of detective work, but now each book seems to be more about relationships and life too. Very relaxing and enjoyable read, as always. But what fun that there is a wedding at the end. I never get tired of these people and am looking forward to finding out what happens next in their world.

    • I´ve read these all because they are absolutely charming, laid-back atmosphere stories. McCall Smith is one of those who have a rare ability to write as if he was a woman. His stories influenced me to become a regular rooibos drinker.

    • С удоволствие чета книжките от тази поредица на Алекзандър Маккол Смит. Уж непретенциозни, нито драматични, нито откровено хумористични, но някак благи, мъдри истории, пропити от човещина и истински.Няма нужда да ходите на психотерапевт, ако чувствате тревожност или прост [...]

    • Why do I keep reading these? This series is like being at a family reunion, and you’re stuck listening to your relatives talking all around you. It’s so boring, but you can’t just leave!

    • Mma Ramotswe is back on the case. This time she has been hired to help a woman in finding out where she stands with her various beaus. Mma Ramotswe is not sure she understands why a woman would want to have four boyfriends, but she is more than willing to help. The goal is to find out whether the men truly care for her or if they are only dating her because of her wealth.Her fiance, Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni is also busy. After helping her out with some work on her van, it comes to his attention that [...]

    • This is another great one by Alexander Mccall Smith. I love this series of charming , laid back stories set in Botswana. They are beautiful , take me to the beautiful setting in Africa and puts my mind at ease. I can see myself sitting under a big acacia tree , sipping bush tea:) In this one ,Mma Ramotswe manages to persuade Charlie , the apprentice at speedy motors to make a parachute jump in place of Mr J L B Matekoni who is terrified to do it himself , but has given a word. At the same time s [...]

    • What a lovely time I had during this visit with my friends in Botswana this week. This audio is just one of the best, with the best narrator in Lisette Lecat. This is no big, dark, mystery like some detective books. It is a gentle, human interest story filled with wonderful characters. I'm totally hooked on this but spread the stories out so I won't finish them too quickly, I want to savor them.As I saw that the book was coming to a close, I wondered how there was enough time to finish the story [...]

    • What's not to love about this sweet series? There may be a little more mystery here than usual, but don't read these books for the mystery. Read them for the setting, Botswana, and for the engaging characters, who have some major, but universal, life changes during this edition. This may also be my favorite series for the times I just want to read for the comfort and sheer joy of reading. The characters drink a lot of bush tea, and that seems especially fitting for a series that seems to call fo [...]

    • Non è il primo dei libri dedicati alla signora Ramotswe che leggo, e lo faccio sempre con estremo piacere.Si legge fra le righe un grande amore,una sottile nostalgia per le tradizioni e le consuetudini di quel grande continente che è l'Africa.La sensazione che rimane dopo la lettura è quella di volersi trovare a Gaborone, a prendere il tè rosso con la signora Ramotswe, col sole sul viso e i rumori che provengono dall'officina del signor JLB Matekoni di sottofondo.

    • My favorite quote of all time from these books ."Traditional Botswana men like ladies who are more traditionally shaped. You and I, Mma. We remind men of how things used to be in Botswana before these modern-shaped ladies started to get men all confused." Love it and the sweet characters in this book - something so happy and comfortable to read.

    • Anytime you have been involved with reading that is heavy or depressing an excellent way to take a break is to visit Botswana and Precious Ramotswe. This is the fifth of McCall Smith's series and an excellent read.

    • I get warm fuzzies each time I read a book from this series. I love getting to know more tidbits about the lives of the characters, especially Mma Ramotswe, Mr. JLB Matekoni, and Mma Makutsi. The descriptions of Botswana are wonderful. Its feels like I'm right there drinking Bush Tea. :D

    • This was the last of the series I would ever attempt. It was too much like all the others so I finally gave up and decided I would never pick up another. Never have!! This was in 2005.

    • This is the first book in the series that I found to be somewhat disappointing, and all because of the actions of one character, Mma Potokwane, the matron of the orphan farm. She has been 'strong-willed' before, but in this book she is a bullying busybody. I know she professes to do things to 'help' people, but to me, it's more that she likes to control those around her, and unfortunately Mr. Matekoni lets her get away with it.As always, there is some mystery, but the book is more the story of t [...]

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