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Thermal Efficiency Calculator

This calculator represents the cost savings which can be achieved when external wall insulation is used in place of a standard render.



Cost for ETICS


Cost for Render


Extra over cost for ETICS



Year 5

Total Savings


Year 10

Total Savings


Year 15

Total Savings


Return on your Investment: Year
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The calculator assumes, a 4% inflation on energy prices and a 30% saving on energy consumption.

ThinJoint Systems

Thin joint blockwork is a fast-build Modern Method of Construction that can be used across any types of new build project.


Thermal insulation forms a key component in almost any new build and refurbishment project

Airtightness Systems

Air leakage is a major cause of energy loss, typically around 20% in older houses

Green Deal

The Green Deal is aimed at tackling fuel poverty and reducing carbon emissions

Passive House

The Passive House concept represents today's highest energy standard in housebuilding

Low Energy Construction

At Low Therm Solutions, we work with self-builders and small developers providing advice and support as well as material and product components to create the complete ‘shell’ of a new low energy home.

Whilst our original SIM wall was developed for new buildings we are also increasingly involved in refurbishment projects where owners are keen to reduce energy consumption and create a healthier and more efficient living environment.
Despite the fact that low energy building is the ultimate aspiration of many self-builders and small developers/contractors, many of our customers are uncertain and unsure about the measures needed to build sustainably. Our team are here to help guide each of our customers through the process, ensuring that their architectural plans and drawings are adapted in such a way that all low energy objectives can be met.
We provide advice, design services and support from very initial stages through to planning and construction. From low carbon living to the ultimate passive house, we are able to help each unique green build objective become reality.

Latest News

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Low Therm Solutions has launched a guide to sustainable house building in film.

The Facts

Our insulation is at least


more thermally efficient then standard EPS

Heat Loss can be reduced by up to


through the use of ThinJoint blockwork